As we previously reported, there were 5 protesters who were arrested on Tuesday and are between the age of 14 to 17.

1- Ahmed Thany Ayid Al-Enizi (16 year old)

2- Saud Saleh Sanad (15 year old)

3- Yousef Shayia Misier (16 year old)

4- Ahmed Obaid Fadhel (14 year old): A security man broke his nose during the protest and was not medicated.

5- Ammar Awwad Al-Shammari (17 year old)


After almost a week in detention, the five were bailed out paying 200 Kuwaiti dinar each. The five will still face charges later for illegal protesting and attacking police men. One of the five is a Kuwaiti citizen and another is a Saudi citizen.