Bedoon activist addresses President Obama in a Letter

[Activist Abdulhakeem Al Fadhli arguing with security forces on October 2nd]

Dear Mr. President Obama,

This is an urgent call from us to the free world to help us. We are reaching out for those who can stop the brutality practiced against us. Our areas Taima and Sulaibiya in Kuwait are under siege of the interior ministry for over a week. There are 11 Bedoon activists on hunger strike as we’re speaking; illegally detained for their opinion and protesting. There are 5 children of Bedoon still in detention and are crying not comprehending why they are in detention. There are 18 of our best young men in detention after being arbitrarily arrested on the 2nd of October protest on the international day of non-violence.

We call on the international community and the U.S. government and European governments to interfere immediately to end the brutality and violence and terror practiced against the Bedoon of Kuwait by the government of Kuwait and the Ministry of the Interior.
The international community needs to protect our lives, our safety and our dignity. We demand the United Nations to have an urgent meeting and to make an immediate action to address this issue and question the government of Kuwait for the crimes of apartheid and violence against peaceful protesters.


Best regards,

Abdulhakeem Al Fadhli

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