Interview on Al-Shammari who was shot in the eye

One of  the worst results of  “excessive violence”  adopted by the security men during their interaction with demonstration of Bedoon in Taimaa last Tuesday the 2nd of October , was the injury in the right eye of the young stateless Abdullatif Ajil Al-Shammari  who was hit by a rubber bullet; it was certainly not stray. Abdullatif is still at Al-Bahar Hospital , in a very bad shape physically and psychologically. He keeps wondering if the sight of his eye will return or he just lost it for the sake of  of Bedoon demands to citizenship.

Abdullatif was only one of the passers by that day. He left Al-Shaa’bi Mosque in the Taima after the afternoon prayer. He was heading to his car to visit a relative. Security men were facing protestors violently not only using batons and smoke grenades and stun grenades, but also firing rubber bullets on the crowd. Unfortunately Abdullatif was their first victim. He has received several bullets on his eye and was bleeding. His eye sight was totally lost. After that. he was transferred subsequently to the Military hospital, which was unable to do anything to him, and asked him to go to Al-Bahar Hospital (Ophthalmology specialist hospital). Doctors there attributed the cause of bleeding to damage in the retina. Security men imposed Intensive guarding for two days prohibiting relatives from visiting.

According to his brother Meshal the family is waiting for the right opportunity to send Abdullatif for treatment abroad. Former MP Khaled Al-Tahous volunteered to cover expenses. Here are details of Abdullatif’s case told by his brother:

– Describe Abdulatif’s current physical situation .

It’s too bad he is very tired in all respects psychological, physical and medical.


– What are the latest results of medical reports and tests? And how is the diagnosis came  by the  his supervisor Doctor?

In the morning disclosure Dr. told us that  Abdullaif’s eye suffers from bleeding and is likely to undergo surgery next week .In terms of loss of sight , God only knows.  but so far there is bleeding in the retina and the lack of vision and this is not clear to assert that even the wait of three months will cause eye lose sight or not.


– What did Abdullatif do during the gathering at Timaa yard ?

My brother was leaving out from block 8 to visit a cousin and he has nothing to do  with gathering held on Timaa Yard and trust me it’s the first time for my brother Abdulatif to cross this road and face the security men.

He left the mosque after praying as all prayer do, his car was parked close to the mosque and even the security men checked that by themselves . He noticed the crowed once he got out the mosque . then immediately security men started pursuing crowd and fired rubber bullets on them. Equally willing to receive bullet directly on the right eye and led to the wound with the explosion in the eyeball, where the vision totally lost and it’s impossible to examine it any way at this time. For your information Abdulatif  was running with the people in an attempt to avoid the security clash but he couldn’t figure where did he parked his car. There are photos prove that there are smoke bombs and Stun grenades  hit my brother’s shoulder that led to fully burn and flayed the skin. One another rubber bullets hit him with his hand and shoulder.

As Abdulatif collapsed his eye explored and his head was injured one of the security men came to him and hit him till he lost consciousness , after beating he trussed him up and took him the military hospital at Sabhan area . so that no one can contact him because he got the most serious injury among stateless demonstration history that causes him  Permanent disability.

Doctor of Military Hospital refused to treat him claiming that Abdulatif’s case is very serious and he don’t own the possibilities to treat him and asked to shift him to Al-Bahar Hospital.When  we came to him at night we found that he is guarded, visiting is not allowed but seen from afar, as well as they removed the  batteries from his cell phone .


– How old is Abdulatif ?

33 years old, he is engaged and about to marry soon . but his destiny was to be  bedridden, losing one eye sight , has no idea what’s happening next! Moreover my mother is very concerned about my brother health situation.


– Do you have any medical reports describes Abdulatif case ?

Of course we have reports issued by the same hospital, and a written report from the Taima police office with doctor’s statement written on it  as I mentioned to you.

First Security prevent us to visit Abdullatif when he was admitted to the hospital. This is a clear proof that his  situation was critical. In addition they are afraid that we may sue them by law.


– so what’s next?

We now raised a suit against the Interior Ministry Addressed to the Attorney General.


– Did you hire a lawyer  if yes who is he?

Yes we did, he is one of the most popular lawyers yet we cannot mention his name , so that there is no pressure on us to waive the case.


– Is there is any MP supporting your case?

There is more than one MP supporting us, and we are depending on Almighty Allah.


– Is there any intention or adopt Sending Abdullatif for treatment abroad?
More than one adopted the treatment of my brother abroad. including MP Khaled Tahous and former MP Khudair Al-Anzi, and Khaled Tahous received the medical file of Abdulatif God bless him. The most important thing is to arrange for abroad treatment.


– Did the doctor mention for how long Abdulatif going to stay at hospital?

My brother case takes long time to be treated at least two months ,and in the next week will hold him another surgery.


– Does Abdullatif able to speak?

Yes he does, but we are preventing him to talk because he is mentally tired and his infected eye really hurts , also we don’t want anyone to get closer even for a while in because we are conscious of any perfumes that hurts him.

* Translation of Sabr’s interview – arabic here

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