Bedoon activist threatened more after his letter to Obama

[Picture by I. Piccioni-A. Tiso/Molo7 Photo Agency]

After his letter to the US president Obama and the international community, Bedoon activist Abdulhakeem Al-Fadhli is now more threatened by state police. The activist has been in hide since the end of October’s 2nd protest. He was a major organizer of this protest and talks about it openly in social media and to local and international media. Al-Fadhli has showed up right after the protest in this recorded interview speaking of the violence and challenging authorities to offer any proofs that can be used against Bedoon’s right to citizenship. Here is the video from AlYoum TV channel:

[youtube id=”WCpRlfGAHUg” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Al-Fadhli showed up yesterday through skype with Al-Hurra TV channel. He was debating someone from the Central Agency of Illegal Residents and thus state police is trying harder to locate him and silence him. The activist is demanding the international community again to interfere for his safety and the safety of Bedoon activist and protesters.

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