Four Bedoon activists complete two weeks in detention

After the major protest on October the 2nd, more than 30 Bedoon activists and protesters were arrested including underage boys who happen to live in the area of Taimaa where Bedoon protest usually. The minors were bailed out with most of protesters and activists, but since the 6th of October, four prominent Bedoon activists have been in detention. They were summoned for interrogation and arrested by the criminal investigations department and then transferred to the Central jail. On the 17th of October, the judge renewed their detention for 10 more days on charges of illegal protesting and calling for Bedoon protest. One of the detainees is Nawaf Al-Bader who joined the other three on the 17th of October the same way; summoned then arrested. The four have been arrested countless times before as they have been active in the cause for more than four years forming The Kuwaiti-Bedoon Committee. The detainees are:
1- Ahmed AlTamimi – head of The Kuwaiti-Bedoon Committee.
2- Ali AlEnizi – deputy director of The Kuwaiti-Bedoon Committee.
3- Nawaf AlBader – Secretary of The Kuwaiti-Bedoon Committee.
4- Yousef AlTahaydi – Bedoon activist.

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