Kuwait’s HLO: Education, Employment, and Social Insurance Should be Granted to Bedoon

* Ministry of Education does not accept hospital birth reports for Bedoon school registration

* The Bedoon dentist gets 600 KD without annual leave or end of service. The Kuwaiti gets 1800 KD & expat 900 KD

* Kuwait has no an insurance system for migrant workers and Bedoon, even for those working in the government


Human Line Organization issues a report parallel to Kuwait’s second periodic report to the Committee on the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The report which came in 16 pages (Arabic) pointed out many cases where Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Kuwait were violated. The organization has also given its recommendations. Regarding Stateless issue (Bedoon), the report made the following notes.



• Based on the regulations and systems of Student Affairs, Ministry of Education requires a number of supporting documents for registration of students in schools, such as a valid residency for expatriates, thus depriving some children of the right to education. They also ask Bedoon to bring a birth certificate to complete the registration procedures, noting that Bedoon are deprived who face alleged security restrictions, only get birth papers from the hospitals but not official birth certificates. According to the procedures, the Ministry of Education reject those birth hospital papers for school registration.

• Admission for Bedoon to Kuwait University is denied except for some segments, mostly for those who have achieved more than 90% in high school GPA. The few opportunities given are only results of pressure, and most of Bedoon are deprived of opportunities for higher education in private universities due to high fees. The university has only accepted a small number of Bedoon this year after continuous sit-ins in front of its admission office and in response to an Emiri order.

1 – Make the necessary legislative amendments to make early education mandatory for all non-Kuwaitis.

2 – Allow foreign students who do not have valid residency and Bedoon who do not have birth certificates to be enrolled.

3- Reintegration of foreign students in the public schools.

4 – Take the necessary measures to make the right to higher education available, and on reasonable terms



• The social security system should be available for non-Kuwaiti workers. Some workers are benefiting from the insurance system in their country mother, but this option is not available to employees and workers of Bedoon.

The Central Agency for Illegal Residents has addressed the situation of Bedoon in a letter dated March 29, 2012 to the Civil Service Bureau on the appointment of some Bedoon in some government departments, namely, (Ministry of labor, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Religious Endowments, the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social affairs). There was no circulation in this regard, but some the candidates were asked to have higher degrees to be eligible to apply. No decision was made later to adjust those hard terms.

In a recent development, the CSB approved on 17 September 2012 the appointment of 137 teachers from the category of unidentified nationality “stateless” from different disciplines during the academic year 2012/2013. A Bedoon dentist gets paid 600 Kuwaiti dinars, has no end-of-service benefits, or any annual leaves. When working during the summer, it is considered an overtime payment. The salary of a Kuwaiti dentist is 1800 Kuwaiti dinars and the expatriate for 900 dinars.


1- Make the necessary legislative amendments to include Bedoon in labor laws.
2- Given the opportunity to Bedoon to work in state ministries with regular contracts that include the regular privileges and fair wages.


Social Insurance:

The social security system does not include expats and unidentified nationality, even if they were employees in the government sector. A parallel social security system is not available but some sectors provide an end-of-service payment.


The state should provide a social security system parallel to the existing insurance system to provide social insurance for non-Kuwaitis and Bedoon working in Kuwait.


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