Activist al-Fadhli goes back to hunger strike

Al-Fadhli completes 5 days in hunger strike

After going on hunger strike from 16th of January to 4th of February, Bedoon activist Abdulhakim al-Fadhli decided to go back to hunger strike. The activist’s decision comes after his trial was postponed one more time to the 6th of March. The activist was sentenced to two years in jail for organizing illegal protesting and attacking a policeman. Here’s a statement from al-Fadhli from his prison:

Dear brothers and sisters,

I stopped my hunger strike temporarily to give a chance for the judiciary to make the right decision and ensure I receive justice.
My good friend the Lawyer Mohammed al-Humaidi, head of Kuwaiti Human Rights Association, asked me to stop my hunger strike. He said: “don’t let us down.” Those words touched me and made me stop my hunger strike temporarily.

Brothers and sisters,

Today, as you can see, this destructive approach to our nation is violating the Constitution and the law.
We must defend our freedom and our dignity and our country from the domination of the tyrants and their oppression.

Today I take this historical responsibility and I will start by myself.

I announce from my cell my hunger strike starting from today – Feb. 10th 2013 at 8 p.m. until I achieve my demands.

Dear brothers and sisters,

I appreciate your feelings and the high sense of responsibility you possess for my case and the injustice against me. I hope you respect and support my decision of resuming the hunger strike, thank you all.

Abdulhakeem Alfadhli
Human rights advocate and Kuwaiti bedoon rights defender.

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