State violations against Bedoon teachers

In one of its attempts to assure international NGOs, Kuwait has been promising jobs in public sectors for the Bedoon. The country has set up many requirements for Bedoon applicants including higher education, holding the 65 census, and being children of Bedoon soldiers. In reality, there are more obstacles put against Bedoon teachers before getting those jobs. According to interviews by Sabr newspaper, a group of Bedoon teachers stated the following:

– Bedoon applicants were asked to provide proof that their fathers fought in the liberation war (first Gulf war).

– Bedoon applicants were required to be children of Kuwaiti mothers.

– Bedoon applicants who are graduates of the Arab Open University were rejected. Non-Kuwaiti applicants who graduated from the same university were not turned away. The university is legally recognized and certified by the ministry of higher education.

As for the status of those hired, the first group had 137 Bedoon and the second group had 45 Bedoon. Those Bedoon face the following violations against their labor and human rights:

– They are hired with one-year contracts that give all the right for the ministry to end their services.

– They are given no end-of-service compensation, no days off, and no maternity leave for women.

– They are hired in areas far from their houses without giving them the right to apply for a transfer to a closer school.

– They are obligated to fill forms every month to get their salary and wait 7 to 10 days to actually get the payment.

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