Bedoon street-seller sentenced to a month in jail

* Ministry of information ban and confiscated a TV episode discussing the Bedoon issue.


According to Sabr newspaper, Kuwaiti activist and former parliamentary candidate Hussain al-Khaldi posted a picture of the court’s decision to jail an 18 year old Bedoon man for selling foods in the street. The post stirred controversy as many showed support to the man convicted. No further details were made on the case since the 18th of May.

On another note, Al-Khaldi’s interview with al-Sabah TV channel was banned from being aired and the tape was confiscated by the ministry of information. The ministry which has recently banned a Bedoon poet’s poetry collection, did not provide reasons to banning the episode which also hosted another Kuwaiti columnist Ali al-Fidala to discuss the Bedoon issue in Kuwait.

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