Minister: Holds on Bedoon for National Security

In a parliamentary session held late May, Member of the parliament Adel Al-Khrafi directed questions to the Minister of Interior Affairs Sheikh Ahmed Al-Humood Al-Sabah regarding the Bedoon case. The Minister answered to one of the questions regarding ‘security holds’ that classify Bedoon and decide their cases for naturalization. The minister has admitted the existence of those holds and showed through his reply an unclear definition of what security holds mean and how they function. He stated: “Holds on Bedoon are put as precautionary to avoid committing a crime against the country in future.” He also added: “Citizenship is granted to a person not to a family, the applicant.”

In a detailed response to the MP, the minister stated: “A security hold is put for a person that committed a crime against honor, integrity, national security and/or social unity by saying or action. Security holds are based on documents and papers gathered from different sides. Some holds are put precautionary to avoid committing a crime that would affect national security in future.” The Minister did not explain how have tens of thousands of Bedoon commit such crimes and how they are of threat to national security in future.

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