Arbitrary system of security holds on Bedoon

In an earlier statement made inside the parliament, minister of interior affairs claimed that holds made on Bedoon records are for “national security” reasons. In a new report, the ministry contradicts itself and reveals its arbitrary system of holds.

The ministry says Bedoon will be allowed to submit appeals to the ministry to take their holds off but only if they have no criminal or state-security holds. This surely means that activists detained by state-security or arrested at protested will not be able to have those holds off. In result, those suffering from those holds are put in this situation to be forced into getting foreign documents.

If holds are off, Bedoon are able to get a one-year valid IDs that allow them to register in schools and get basic documents.

The ministry stated: the holds are of four kinds; from the Central Agency, from the Civil Information Department, from Health Ministry, and from the ministries of defense and interior affairs.

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