More restrictions on Bedoon driving licenses

As part of his arbitrary campaign that witnessed the deportations of many foreign workers based on their traffic violations, the ministry of interior affairs official Abdelfatah Al-Ali issued a decision to stop driving licenses to Bedoon and foreigners without the approval of his office. Al-Ali has confiscated hundreds of cars in the past couple of months, put many to deportation, and issued record numbers of traffic tickets. This decision comes to strangle Bedoon more as the Central Agency already puts them through long arbitrary processes to get any documents that would usually be valid for only one year. Lately the Central Agency has not given Bedoon IDs that are valid for longer than 3 months making it impossible for Bedoon to use those IDs in getting other documents from other state authorities.

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  1. Bedoon, please go back to Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Please, gtfo and take your Bado brothers with you. Islamists belong in Saudi Arabia, your niqab is safer there.

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