ANHRI Denounces Violence Against Bedoon Protesters

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, denounces the use of excessive force by the Kuwaiti security forces so as to disperse the demonstrations of the stateless people in Tiama, As Sulaybiyah, and Al Jahra during The International Day of Non-Violence.

The Kuwaiti security forces on Wednesday 2 October used tear gas bombs and stun grenades to disperse a peaceful demonstration organized by a number of stateless in the areas of Taima, As Sulaybiyah, and Al Jahra; calling for their right to get the Kuwaiti nationalities and to improve their social and economic circumstances.

The Kuwaiti forces committed many violations and trespasses during the dispersal of these peaceful demonstration as they used tear gas bombs randomly in these areas besides pursuing the protesters in the streets to attack them. In addition, there were random arrests of many citizens in those areas.

The stateless people (bedoon) are citizens with no citizenship rights. They do not enjoy the same rights entitled to any other Kuwaiti, such as their right to public services for example.

There is no accurate estimation for their population, but it is said that their population range from 93.000 to 180.000. Kuwait’s government has promised to grant a big number of them the Kuwaiti nationality, but such promises were betrayed.

ANHRI said that “the excessive use of force by the Kuwaiti security forces in addressing the demonstrations of the stateless people in addition to arresting a number of them, is a new episode of the violations are being committed by the Kuwaiti authorities against those stateless people. The Kuwaiti authorities during the last two years repressed several demonstrations and arrested many of them along with prosecuting them over the accusation of illegal protest”

ANHRI elaborated that the Kuwaiti authorities still believe that the security solutions as the best ones to resolve the problem of the stateless people; although these solutions failed during the last period.

Despite the fact that the Kuwaiti parliament supports many bills submitted by the government to resolve this problem and not granting the nationality for some stateless people, but these bills take much time.

ANHRI demanded form the Kuwaiti authorities to necessarily use the peaceful solutions to deal with the problem of the stateless people and to urgently release the stateless detainees plus stopping to prosecute them.


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