Bedoon Denied Access to Evening Schools

A group of Bedoon students were not allowed into their evening schools (Abdullatif al-Shamlan middle school and Al-Jahra high school) this October. The students were attending schools for two weeks and were suddenly informed that the ministry of education has made a decision to expel them. When visiting the ministry, the students were told that they are required to present a Bedoon ID (issued by the Central Agency for Illegal Residents) or a birth certificate.

The ministry of education among other ministries continue to restrict Bedoon’s access to different services. The Bedoon are targeted with their education and this step shows the intentions of authorities as many Bedoon try to work during the day and study in the evening schools at the same time. Others have made the choice to enroll in evening schools because they are more affordable or because they are too old to be allowed in morning schools.

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