Member of the Ruling Family Calls for the Expulsion of Bedoon

A member of the ruling family in Kuwait and the owner of al-Sahid newspaper Sabah al-Mohammad has published a column┬ácalling for the expulsion of Bedoon from Kuwait. Al-Mohammed said the Bedoon do not have real claims to citizenship and they attempt to ruin the country with their imitation of the Arab Uprisings. He also indicated that not only the protesting Bedoon should be sent away but also Kuwaiti protesters, after depriving them of their citizenship. His newspaper continues to spread propaganda against the Bedoon and Migrant workers accusing them of being supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. This propaganda has been harmful as it legitimizes campaigns from state security police against those groups. Al-Mohammed accuses the opposition of plotting those Bedoon protests and questions the interior ministry’s efforts to track down bedoon activists including Mohammed Wali al-Inizi who is based in the United Kingdom and continues to be the number 1 target for Kuwaiti state-propaganda.

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