Ministry of Defense Rejects Proposal that Benefits Bedoon Soldiers

Once again, Kuwait’s parliament fails to challenge any of the regulations set by ministries against their few remaining Bedoon employees. The parliamentary committee for defense and interior affairs has made a proposal to raise “the age of retirement” for Bedoon soldiers to be 60 instead of 55. Misleadingly, the soldiers are not made to retire, they are instead fired from their jobs with “an end of service” compensation. Many have been fired in the past few years using medical excuses while others were forced into buying foreign passports to remain in their jobs after threats from the ministry.

To the parliament’s proposal, the ministry replied “this proposal will be voted on in the parliament but will be opposed by the cabinet. We wanted to release Bedoon soldiers at the age of 50 but kept the maximum age to 55 not because of our need for them but in respect of their conditions.” The ministry added, referring to Bedoon as non-Kuwaitis, saying: “The ministry of defense wants to serve the Kuwaiti army and it is not of our interest to extend the age of retirement for non-Kuwaitis.”

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