Interior Ministry Threatens to Target Protesters’ Families

Since the beginning of Bedoon protests in February 2011, Kuwait’s local press has been playing a major role in creating propaganda against Bedoon activists and protests. As the community protests for the 6th day demanding a solution to their cause and the release of activist Abdallah Atallah who is facing charges for “insulting the Amir, vandalizing police cars, and taking part in an illegal protest”, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Watan has been publishing daily reports that fabricate facts on the ground. Besides accusing protesters of attacking policemen and neglecting the violence committed against protesters, the newspaper said “an official in the interior ministry warns families of Bedoon protesters of what their children are doing. Fathers of those protesting can lose their jobs or be deported from the country.”

Such narratives want to imply that Bedoon are “deportable” as racist nationalist claims continue to repeat. It also wants to scare off the very small number of Bedoon men still working for the police and army by targeting their source of living. The state security police in Kuwait has been manipulating the security and life of bedoon activists by summoning their parents or siblings to interrogation as an attempt of intimidation.

One day after publishing that report, Al-Watan published another report today stating “the deportation punishment has calmed Taimaa and Sulaibiya protests,” contrary to reality as bedoon activists repeatedly emphasize that their protests are open until their demands are met. Besides these threats, the ministry of interior affairs uses the press to demonize bedoon protesters by depicting them as vandalizers. Riot police has been shutting down street lights, using smoke bombs and tear gas, making arrests, chasing protesters and running them over with cars.

Here’s a video of the 6th day of protests:

[youtube id=”Iymaq7fCRG8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Here’s a video for the gun shots made by policemen near Taimaa’s police station when protesting crowds were marching by

[youtube id=”xH0wjq1Ddpc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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