10 Days of Protests, 9 Activists in Jail

[Activist Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli in a previous protest – BR archive]

Since February 19th, Bedoon protesters have continued their protests around the Taimaa area despite the continuous presence of riot police forces that have arbitrarily arrested protesters and dispersed the marching crowds with tear gas, smoke bombs, water canons, and physical violence. After threatening bedoon families with deportations and work expulsions, to intimidate protesting youth, the interior ministry and the State Security police went with more arrests targeting the community’s main activists and organizers to weaken the movement. Among the detainees is activist Abdullah Atallah who faces charges for “insulting the Amir”, punished with at least 5 years in jail. Abdulhakim and Abdulnasser alFadhli were also arrested after being chased by state police cars that hit their car and kept their place of arrest a secret from their family and public. Here is a list of all detainees that continue to be detained without specific charges or an option of release by bail:

1- Abdullah Atallah Al-Enizi

2- Abdulhakim AlFadhli

3- Abdulnasser AlFadhli

4- Saad Hmood

5- Mohammed Jaber

6- Mishaal al-Shammari

7- Ahmad Saad

8- Hussain Jabr

9- Yousif Mattar

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