Statement from the families of Hunger-striking Bedoon detainees

Based on the legal and the human rights any accused person must have a fair trial with all the guarantees that save and preserve his/her human gains and rights. This is approved by The Kuwaiti constitution and agreed with all the international treaties and conventions which are ratified by the State of Kuwait.
As a result of the abuse and the deliberate use of legal implements in non-purpose against our sons “Hakeem AL Fadhli, Abdelnasser AL Fadhli and Abdullah Atallah”, we declare our full solidarity with our prisoners in their Hunger-Strike that has begun last Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Moreover, we support them in each procedure they are doing in response to the abuse they have been facing from The Ministry of Interior because of the rigged accusations and The Renewal Judge who has been renewing their incarceration week after another although there is no reason of the protective custody.
We hold the government in Kuwait for the responsibility for the health of our prisoners. In addition, we call all the civil society organizations and all the human organizations to an international quick move to preserve the lives of our prisoners, hoping that authority response to the organizations and the prisoners’ demands to release their sons without delays.
Families of the detainees: Abdulhakim AL Fadhli, Abdelnasser AL Fadhli, and Abdullah Atallah

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