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Bedoon infant demands a passport to get medical treatment

Bedoon infant Mohammad Qasem continues suffering from the oppressive governmental procedures preventing his right to hold a valid passport. Mohammed’s Father appealed to state officials saying  “My son suffers since his

January 22, 2013 Violations
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Kuwaiti activist Al-Semawi suggests a Bedoon plan to the Amir

Kuwaiti political activist Dr. Al-Semawi suggests a Bedoon plan to the Amir Political Activist Dr. Fahad Al-Semawi submitted suggestion to resolve the issue of Bedoon

November 28, 2012 Citizenship
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Interview on Al-Shammari who was shot in the eye

One of  the worst results of  “excessive violence”  adopted by the security men during their interaction with demonstration of Bedoon in Taimaa last Tuesday the

October 09, 2012 Violations
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An interview with Group29 about Bedoon education saga

Group 29 began to sit in on July the 8th lasted for two consecutive weeks, in front of the Admission hall of Kuwait University- Shuwaikh.

July 29, 2012 Discrimination
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Book’s revenues to Bedoon children patients

At the presence of Dr. Ahmad Al-kahteeb former Kuwaiti MP and Dr. Obaid Al-Wasmi the current MP, On the 6th of June, Aafaq bookstore hosted 

June 16, 2012 General
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Al-Wasmi: Judiciary can resolve statelessness

Aljarida Newspaper reported that MP Dr. Obaid Alwasmi and other members of the parliament have submitted a proposal made of two main points; the first

March 05, 2012 General
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