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Ministry of Social Affairs Stops Salaries of Bedoon Employees

According to the Center of Human Rights News in Kuwait, Bedoon and foreign workers of the “Charity Fund” office in the Ministry of Social affairs

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Arbitrary system of security holds on Bedoon

In an earlier statement made inside the parliament, minister of interior affairs claimed that holds made on Bedoon records are for “national security” reasons. In

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Kuwaiti women protest for their Bedoon husbands

[Picture from al-Rai newspaper] In a sit-in near the parliament, a group of Kuwaiti women married to Bedoon and Gulf men protested against the dismissal

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Kuwaiti Teacher Assults and Insults Bedoon Students

In a controversial story brought by Kuwaiti media and social networks, a group of Bedoon students protested against a Kuwaiti teacher who was monitoring them

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Stateless Children of Women Citizens – Short Film

In a recent project, the Women Refugees’ Commission produced a short film on the plight of children of stateless fathers and citizen mothers in both

June 17, 2013 Citizenship, Discrimination, women
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Women Citizens Married to Non-Kuwaitis Deprived of Social Welfare

Earlier this month, the female minister of labor Thekra al-Rashidi decided to deprive Kuwaiti women who are married to non-Kuwaitis from their rights to social

June 17, 2013 Discrimination, Violations
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More Bedoon Soldiers Fired

As hundreds of migrants continue to lose their jobs and/or get deported, Bedoon soldiers top the defense ministry’s agenda in having them dismissed. According to

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Kuwait Freezes Bedoon Bank Accounts

To apply its Anti-Bedoon policy, the Central Agency for Illegal Residents has ordered Banks inside Kuwait to freeze the accounts of Bedoon and disable their

June 17, 2013 Discrimination, Violations
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State violations against Bedoon teachers

In one of its attempts to assure international NGOs, Kuwait has been promising jobs in public sectors for the Bedoon. The country has set up

February 28, 2013 Discrimination, General, Violations
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Bedoon Soldiers with unfulfilled promises to recover their jobs

[Prime Minister and former Defense Minister Jaber al-Mubarak] On the 12th of February, the prime minister of Kuwait Sheikh Mubarak al-Sabah met with a number

February 15, 2013 Discrimination
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