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Kuwait’s HLO: Education, Employment, and Social Insurance Should be Granted to Bedoon

* Ministry of Education does not accept hospital birth reports for Bedoon school registration * The Bedoon dentist gets 600 KD without annual leave or end

January 24, 2013 Discrimination, General, Violations
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MP Shams: the government does not want to solve the Bedoon issue

After late parliamentary meetings, member of parliament Khaled AlAdwa stated to Al-Qabas that Bait Al-Zakat should get back to allowing charities for Bedoon. The MP called

January 19, 2013 General
parliament 2

MPs propose a new Bedoon law

On Sunday the 20th of January, a new proposal will be made in the parliament regarding the Bedoon issue. According to MP Khaled AlShlaimi, the

January 19, 2013 General
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230 Bedoon charged for participating in “unlicensed demonstrations” since Arab Spring

In a story titled “491 trialed for riots”, Al-Qabas newspaper published a story about political cases ran in Kuwait in the past two years. The

December 19, 2012 General
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What will Kuwait’s elections bring for Bedoon?

“Remembered when needed” this is the best explanation we can give for the wave of statements given by many election candidates. The Bedoon cause is

November 28, 2012 General
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TV crew summoned for speaking of Bedoon

As reported by Alaan newspaper, the public prosecutor has summoned the crew of “Missian” show of AlYoum TV for having an episode on the Bedoon

November 15, 2012 General
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Full translation of the Anti-Bedoon official document

Begin to withdraw all previous privileges and end up by preventing newspapers from publishing complaints. The mini-ministerial committee approved the policies of restrictions on the

October 13, 2012 General
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Bedoon activist addresses President Obama in a Letter

[Activist Abdulhakeem Al Fadhli arguing with security forces on October 2nd] Dear Mr. President Obama, This is an urgent call from us to the free world

October 09, 2012 General
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Interior Ministry accuses Bedoon of rioting and vandalism

[Masked security man points his shotgun at protesters on Tuesday’s protest] Despite the statements of monitors from Kuwait human rights associations, Kuwait association for the foundations of

October 03, 2012 Arrests, General, Protests, Violations
3 NGOs 0

Three NGOs address the Amir of Kuwait about Bedoon

Your Highness, We write to you regarding the more than 100,000 stateless residents of your country, commonly referred to as Bidun. The legal, social, and

September 29, 2012 General
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