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Another Bedoon commits suicide, at the age of 17

[Story from 2004 of a 17 year old girl found dead after having set herself on fire due to her hard living conditions] According to

September 25, 2012 General
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How much does Kuwait pay for UNHCR’s silence?

For years, the Bedoon of Kuwait have been denied any help from UNHCR. The latter claims that they need to follow the obligations of the

September 15, 2012 General
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Central Agency removes the 4th name in Bedoon IDs

After taking off names of tribes from Bedoon documents in the past few years, the Central Agency seems to work on complicating the documentation of

August 20, 2012 General
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Former PM says Bedoon issue will be solved soon

Despite his 5 years in power without offering any solutions to the Bedoon issue, former prime minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah stated lately that the

August 20, 2012 General
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Twitter users save a Bedoon student abroad

[Blue passport for citizens; grey passport for Bedoon] After many attempts to renew his “article 17” passport through the Kuwaiti embassy in Kuwait, Bedoon student

August 20, 2012 General
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Kuwaiti NGO demands scholarships to Bedoon students

Kuwaiti organization “Muqawimat” for human rights has issued a statement praising the education ministry for enrolling 100 students of Bedoon in Kuwait University. The NGO,

July 29, 2012 General
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Crisis of Bedoon top students continues

[Photo credits: Alaan Online Newspaper] For the second day, Kuwaiti activists of  “Group 29” protested in front of Kuwait University demanding the enrollment of Bedoon

July 09, 2012 General
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Kuwait Human Rights Association blames Bedoon for arrests

Kuwait Human Rights Association was for a long time ruled by Anti-Bedoon technocrats such as Ali Al-Baghli who called Bedoon “cockroaches” few years ago. After

July 08, 2012 General
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Kuwaiti groups condemn violence against Bedoon protesters

Shortly following Bedoon Friday protest in Taimaa and the 9 arrests of protesters, two leftist political groups in Kuwait and a liberal pro-Bedoon group have

July 07, 2012 General
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Crisis of forged passports continue

Thousands of Bedoon were forced to buy passports to stay in the country and keep their jobs after 2000. The ministries in Kuwait intimidated many

June 28, 2012 General
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